Access Bursaries

The NorQuest College access bursaries help students achieve their educational and career goals by assisting SELF FUNDED LEARNERS (not receiving any other grants or bursaries).

• Students must be enrolled in classes before the 1000 Women Learner Access Bursary can be approved.
• Students cannot be receiving Foundational Learning Assistance funding, WCB, Aboriginal funding, Advancing Futures, or any other sponsorship (grants or bursaries) that would cover tuition, books and/or mandatory college fees.
• Financial Need.
• Must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents.
• You are eligible to receive only one 1000 Women Learner Access Bursary per academic year (September to August).

Access Bursaries will not be approved until after the deadline has passed. All applicants that are approved for a bursary will be notified by email to their MyQuest email account.

Access Bursaries will be applied directly to your student account. Students will be required to pay any additional fess above the amount of the Access Bursary that is approved.